Marxism 2019

A Conference by the Workers for the Workers

Multifaith Centre | University of Toronto

May 3-4, 2019 | 569 Spadina Ave

The world needs radical change. Climate chaos, poverty, inequality, racism and the rise of the far-right are the dominant issues of the day. Our governments have done little or nothing to make the kind of change require to end these crises.

Working people could have the power to make the necessary changes in society, but to do so requires organization and political clarity. How will this be achieved?

This is a time of mass struggle and upheaval. Millions are looking for an alternative to a world in deep crisis. Marxism 2019 is an opportunity to discuss revolutionary ideas that can contribute to effective resistance today.

How do we organize to ensure that our struggles are successful? What can we learn from struggles around the world, and from revolutionary upheavals of the past? With 12 workshops and 3 discussion panels on climate change, fight against racism, indigenous sovereignty, Marxist theory, revolutionary history and much more, there is something for everyone at Marxism 2019.

Please join us for a series of talks and workshops on how we can build the resistance together.

We hope to see you there!