Madeline Running Unopposed

Filing week for candidates officially ended on Friday May 15th and Madeline was the only candidate to file for Position 5 on the Ocean Beach Hospital Board. We thank incumbent Darren Thorsen for his longtime service to the hospital district and community.

Madeline is looking forward to a summer full of community outreach events and door knocking to hear what you need and want from your local clinics and hospital. Please contact her at with thoughts, “like” our Facebook page, or sign up for our newsletter list on this site to keep up to date on what she’s up to.

Madeline has been invigorated by the support and willingness of the community to engage on the issues and is very much looking forward to filling this new role. Help her bring a new, community driven voice to the board by speaking up and staying involved.

Thank you!

Madeline in the News

Thank you to Barbara Dunn for your letter of support for Madeline in the Chinook Observer. Here is what she had to say: 

‘Moore’ support for Maddie on OBH board

Four years ago I began attending the meetings of the Ocean Beach Hospital. I did this as a retired, full-time resident of the Peninsula who was extremely concerned about the issues I heard in the community. I was amazed at the mounting debt and the lack of movement to address this issue by any of the then commissioners.

In the relatively short time since I went to the first meetings, three new commissioners have taken a place on the board. Slowly things are turning around. The financial situation is better but not yet totally resolved. Other issues are also being addressed.

We now have the opportunity to elect another new person to the board; local businesswoman Madeline Moore is a Peninsula resident who has deep roots in this area. I appreciate her vision for continuing vital improvements at our community hospital. She understands the importance of a strong health facility to all members of this community and the many visitors who come to the Peninsula.

I encourage you to vote for Madeline Moore for hospital commissioner, position 5

Barbara Dunn

Ocean Park

Madeline in the News

Thank you to Sandy Stonebreaker for your wonderful letter to the editor in the Chinook Observer in support of Madeline. Here’s what she had to say: 

In support of Madeline Moore

I am pleased to support Madeline Moore as she seeks a position on the board of Ocean Beach Hospital. I have known her for a number of years and have always been impressed with her work ethic and willingness to get involved.

Madeline is a lifetime peninsula resident. After she completed college she made the decision to return to the peninsula and “sink her roots” even deeper. She is a businesswoman. She is on the board of the Columbia Pacific Heritage Museum and involved with other organizations. She is one of a growing group of “younger” people who are working to enhance life on the Peninsula and have made a commitment to remaining here.

I believe Madeline will be a good fit with the other board members. It seems with the recent elections that the board has moved to working towards making the hospital more financially stable. As a retiree who has made the decision to seek medical attention locally it is important to me to have good facilities.

Sandra N. Stonebreaker

Ocean Park

Madeline in the News

Thank you to Leslie Brophy for your wonderful letter to the editor in support of Madeline. Here’s what she had to say: 

Ocean Beach Hospital is so important to our community, I was delighted to read that Madeline (Dickerson) Moore is running for the board. I know her as a local business woman who is deeply committed to enhancing life on the peninsula for everyone. She has deep roots in this area.

As we all know, the hospital has had many issues; the financial problems are well on the way to being resolved. There is still much to be done, especially in the area of trust by the community, getting and keeping physicians to serve the community.  A portion of my professional work is helping people new to the area learn what is available and how to access services. Having a healthy, vibrant hospital is important to new comers as well as those of us who call the peninsula home.

Madeline is just the sort intelligent, energetic person who will enhance the work being done to ensure the stability of our community hospital.


Leslie Brophy

A High Quality and Consistency of Care

As the hospital district moves out of trying to just keep the doors open, it is time to start planning for the future and adding services that directly benefit our diverse community. As a young woman, having access to a strong family practice, women’s health professionals, and specialty services are very important to me. Our community’s needs should be met here, on the peninsula. Madeline is not only concerned with making our hospital and clinics stable economically but she is also dedicated to see them offer the best, highest quality and consistency of care available.

Pacific County is currently ranked as the least healthiest county in the State of Washington. This makes intstitutions like our rural hospital district even more important as we work to fill gaps in our community’s health needs. Madeline plans to be active in learning from the community and ensuring that their needs are being met locally as much as possible. 

Madeline in the News

Thank you to Kathy and Dale Hughes for your lovely letter to the editor in support of Madeline in the Chinook Observer. What they had to say: 

Maddie will make a great commissioner 


We have known Madeline Dickerson Moore for many years, therefore it is without reservation that we give her our support as she runs for Ocean Beach Hospital commissioner.


She is a person of tremendous energy, caring and intelligence, with deep roots in our community. Having seen the fight to save our hospital, it does not surprise us that Maddie is wanting to be part of the solution. Based on her history, she brings talent and creative ideas. In the midst of an economic downturn, Maddie began Pink Poppy Bakery, which is now a thriving local business. She is a woman unwilling to sit quietly when she knows she can help provide answers.


After nearly losing Ocean Beach Hospital, we can all agree on its importance in our area. Newer members of the commission have worked to solve the deep financial issues, the lack of trust and improve communications. Madeline Moore will be a definite asset to the hospital board. That is the reason we urge you to vote for her.


Dale and Kathy Hughes



Energetic Community Advocate

OBH has struggled in the past with community perception and support. Their financial troubles of the past have made their relationship with the community they serve even more tense. Madeline believes a large part of the board’s efforts should be focused on strengthening its ties with the community and investing in stakeholder involvement. By creating and utilizing patient outreach groups, publishing board newsletters and regular correspondence with their patient network, and making meetings more accessible and appealing to new visitors the hospital can improve its reputation and create strong bonds.

Madeline will bring a unique voice and perspective to the hospital board that will be vital to building and repairing relationships to ensure a bright and community supported future for the hospital and clinics.

Small Business and Our Community

Madeline worked as a photojournalist before traveling to Ireland where she worked on organic farms for three months before returning to her hometown to start Pink Poppy Bakery and Farm. She has built a strong community around her small business–just check out their Facebook page.

Madeline knows that new ideas take hard work, and she is committed to working hard for you in Ocean Beach Hospital District #3, Position #5. Share this post if you think there should be more small business owners in local government!

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